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Energy consumption and efficiency monitoring – energyBIS

Want to cut costs? Monitor and analyze energy consumption in your company with the help of the energyBIS IT system. In order to be able to check the company’s energy performance in an easy and quick way, and to properly optimize energy purchases based on a forecast modeled on the basis of current and historical consumption and parameters affecting it, from any place.

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energyBIS IT system – monitoring and analysis of energy consumption

As part of the services provided or as an independent implementation, we provide our clients with an IT system for monitoring energy consumption and efficiency – energyBIS. The unique features of the system allow you to quickly identify areas of the company where energy is used inefficiently and make well-founded business decisions.

System functionalities:

Monitoring of all types of media

Monitoring the actual consumption of all types of utilities (electricity, gas, water) in real time


Access to current and historical data on media consumption


Automatic generation and distribution of reports to specific groups of recipients

Modeling and Forecasting

Possibility to build a mathematical model of energy consumption depending on the factors affecting this consumption. Based on the built model of energy consumption, the system allows for forecasting energy consumption and costs for subsequent billing periods based on the assumed future values of model parameters.


Access to the collected data is based on a system of accounts of users who have access to assigned groups of meters. This allows access to specific information based on the permissions granted.


The system also has a module that allows customers participating in the DSR service to use appropriate tools to determine the baseline profile. The DSR service is a voluntary and temporary reduction of electricity consumption by the recipient or postponing its consumption at the request of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne in exchange for remuneration.

Power fee

The system also has a feature that allows you to continuously monitor your energy usage during and outside of peak hours, allowing you to plan your energy usage to optimize your power bills.


Creating and sending alerts to selected people in case of exceeding the assumed consumption. Information about the forecast of exceeding the assumed level of ordered power allows for reaction and avoiding incurring charges for excessive power consumption.

Indicator analysis

The system allows for an indicator analysis of energy consumption by defining energy performance indicators that measure the efficiency of energy use, and their visualization on charts.

Flexible fee model

The customer pays a monthly subscription fee for the actual use of the platform. The client does not have to invest funds in creating its own IT infrastructure.

Cloud system

The system is made available via the Azure cloud and does not take up customer resources. The customer does not have to invest his own funds in the IT infrastructure. All you need is a computer with a web browser.

Advanced analysis

Depending on the customer’s needs, it is possible to implement additional functionalities that perform non-standard analyzes based on the collected data, for example related to the detection of non-standard consumption.

Data exchange

Through a dedicated API, it is possible to exchange data with other IT systems.

Measurement data sources

The source of measurement data are electricity, heat, gas and water meters. We provide support for meters from various manufacturers, e.g. Pozyton, Landis+Gyr, Elster, Apator, Itron, Schneider Eletric, F&F, Common, Plum

Our system provides communication with meters using various protocol protocols: DLMS, IEC, ModBUS, M-Bus

Data flow

The reading device retrieves energy consumption data from the energy meter and other meters to which the system has access. The device can also download data from PLC, ERP or other measurement systems that provide data on factors affecting energy consumption. Data is sent to the system using the existing ICT infrastructure, wirelessly using the cellular network or existing IT networks. The system collects data, aggregates and analyzes it by detecting anomalies in the normal use of energy and alerting the appropriate personnel at the energy recipient or by sending shutdown instructions to the interconnected PLC system at the recipient (power guard, alarms). The system allows authorized employees of the energy recipient to access the data stored in the system through a transparent user interface. Users can view historical data, create energy consumption models and forecasts, analyze tariffs and benchmark energy efficiency. Models and forecasts created by the users or guardians of the energy recipient can be used to update the ordered energy volume or power.

For whom?

For industrial plants

  • constant control over consumption
  • demonstration of savings – reports for energy efficiency audits and energy audits of the company
  • the ability to react quickly to the instructions of the Transmission System Operator (PSE), including participation in the mechanism of the so-called negawatts (Power Reduction)
  • more efficient energy purchases

For local governments

  • Meeting the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Act

For building managers

  • Current control of media consumption
  • Transferring best practices between facilities
  • Internal benchmark

For Service Providers

  • A tool that speeds up the auditor’s work
  • Preparation of analyzes and analysis of measurements

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