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Energy Audit for Action 3.1 FENG Ecological Credit

On June 13, the call for applications for Measure 3.1, i.e. Ecological Credit, starts. Its aim is to help companies transform themselves in a way that increases their energy efficiency by upgrading their infrastructure. The ecological loan is granted to support projects aimed at improving energy efficiency, such as the thermal modernization of buildings, modernization of production processes or investments in renewable energy sources.

The subsidy obtained in the form of an ecological loan is used to finance the project, a project of which was developed on the basis of a previously conducted audit. As a result of the investment, it is necessary to save at least 30% of primary energy in relation to the area covered by the scope of the planned projects.

Our company offers an energy audit based on the requirements of relevant standards and legal regulations. The audit is carried out by people with appropriate qualifications, using high-class equipment. The audit report contains, in accordance with the recruitment documentation, analyzes of improvements along with the necessary calculations and descriptions confirming the achievable primary and final energy savings.

A detailed description of the priorities of the European Funds for a Modern Economy operational program can be found here: SZOP_FENG_001.pdf (

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